Dominican Republic trip Oct 3-16, 2017


Clinical trip to Dominican Republic Oct 3-16 ,2017 with possible  2 extra weeks with 2nd Midwife leading if desired. We all stay together in a house with attached Hostel that has some amazing gardens for apx $10 a night. flights are in to Santiago Dominican Republic and location is only about 20 min away. Our driver will pick you up for about $20 .Food can be cooked on side or can do shared meals with others interested. Hospital has 30 or so births a day with apx 30% c-sec rate . Advanced students following rules will be allowed low risk  deliveries and all other areas (B feeding, newborn exams, doula etc) . Beg students and doulas will help as doulas, breastfeeding, newborn exams  and will watch deliveriesbirth 002

$500 preceptor fee plus expenses. (flight from SC $500,ESTIMATED costs- food  $10 a day, shared rides $6 a day, lodging $10-20 a day depending on room, extra $ for tourist time, gifts etc) also $350 extra preceptor fee if you stay 2 extra weeks (all of Oct 2017)

see for application tab

Note supplies are scarce at times so please bring 2- 50lb bags of donations for moms and hospital. Baby clothes, medical supplies ,sheets, etc. Will provide ideas to get free donations.Wheelchairs are great too and can go free of charge !

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